Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Odds and ends

So, just a few things on my mind...
  1. Props to Boeing for fledging the 787! I'd appreciate a little more news on how its been going since first flight. Update!
  2. Hate crimes suck. Australia is having issues with this right now. Some Aussies are afraid that the Indians and Asians are going to replace them as oppressor.
  3. Ping Pong is so fun. I've been playing a lot with my friends Chin and Abhi ("Obi"). Abhi schooled Chin and I today. Playing to 5 usually took about 2 minutes. We may have sourced a real table downtown.

    First flight test 787 Dreamliner (courtesy Boeing/Randy's Journal)

My camera is serving me very well. Its underwater mode makes the CCD much more saturated with light, and even though the pictures look darker they are much higher quality than most land digicams. Its a SeaLife DC1000, the warranted replacement for my DC800. Every single picture and film on this blog was taken with it. I hope someone reads this and buys one because it is really a great camera for the money and they hooked me up when mine died, most likely due to a surge from a Fijian generator. They even threw in a free WA lens.
Note the corner blur on the DC800 stubby squid and sea slug shots above - SeaLife fixed that in the DC1000, by tweaking the zoom in underwater mode. It reduces your field of view just a bit but its worth it.

And, Subaru, you are a bit of an acquired taste. Not fuel efficient, but very likable after all.

We went to the beach today after work, and it was so good to watch the curl from behind the wave underwater. I face-planted in the sand after falling off a wave, really surprising - makes you feel totally alive.

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