Saturday, August 29, 2009

♫ Back home again, in Aust-u-ralia...

Firstly - go see Ponyo - really good new movie.

It's nice to be back. I've been settling in for the last few weeks getting used to the new job, fine weather, the ocean, Karin and my motorcycle. Today I went for my second dive in Australia.

Not feeling so witty - these pics are better.

Cuttlefish cammo.

Sea slugs!!

^ Click this one it's worth it.

I was less afraid of seeing sharks this time and naturally saw one. Actually most of the sharks around here don't even have teeth, they just rasp their food I guess.

Bonus 2-in-1 post! We went to Barrington Tops NP recently and car camped.

Native Orchids in Barrington Tops NP. Not flowering yet.

A brush turkey.

A Funnel-Web! Deadly spider.
I tried to coax it out with kind words.

The house back home was pretty stressful and we got it done and renters in place an hour before I left for my flight back here. Finished pics to come. New job's going great. Couldn't be happier. I've been working on curved pipe elements.