Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Batchelor Regresso Soup

Karin is gone to Canberra for a conference, I'm home alone.

I was left with fish stix, and I made them tonight. I will probably starve tomorrow.

Admire my bacheloresque faux marble countertops. And whole milk.

I had some icecream with icey blueberries to cheer me up.

An opposum or something woke me up this morning around 5am in my bedroom. I turned on the light and it was gone.

Yep, just me and my bachelor bros. Hanging around the house.

So lame.
You can tell this ones a male because of his "palps."

I hung out at Bronte with mates for Australia Day, and as the day turned to night, the locals turned to drinking and fighting.

I swam all day, snorkeling there in the waves. Its so fun to ride the swell. I learned that you have to ratchet to get in and out without loosing all your energy.

In the kitchen cooking chicken kebabs, I smelled the coriander. It instantly brought back memories of bailing hay in the hot Indiana summer. For an instant, I was looking down at my cut arms and smelling the humidity and Gary's old truck. It choked me up. I've been away too long. Then I realised that the coriander was probably bad, as it smelled of hay.


  1. We were talking about Australia last night and decided that everything there was designed basically to kill you. Have you found that to be the case?

  2. I see, so you are the culprit behind keeping greg all to your lonesome! I've "chilaxed" about the killer everythings at this point. See the post about newness SP where I saw the most venomous snake AU has to offer. I was sitting 8' from it, then it slithered by me walking back to the bike. I was too stunned to get a picture fast enough.