Thursday, May 27, 2010

City at Night

The rat race was in full swing, so I went the other way, hung out on the water.

The opera house was lit up, and I thought I should try to get my SpringThing put up there, with people allowed to go play with it on a laptop and the image projected.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sick Day

I'm sick. Our cute little house guests coughed on my face (i.e. in my mouth) a few too many times.
When I was 5, I thought it was funny to get adults sick too. I think it was a power thing.

That reminded me of the camp counselor I really liked named "Moose." I used to try to get him sick. He used to swing me around by my arms, and once it was so fast that I couldn't say stop! I think the centripetal force was making it impossible for me to exhale. Ah yes, I wanted him to stop because I couldn't breath.
Then one day I said shit in the cafeteria and the awful old bitties tasked him to wash my mouth out with soap. Do people still do this?? I could tell he didn't want to do it, and when he hesitated with the soap near my mouth (it was really too big for the job) I bit the crap out of his hand. Right on the fleshy thumb pad. I didn't bite as hard as I could have...

The loris wish they could take a sick day too.

Ginger rhymes with Ninja here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Around Downtown Sydney

This is the view from my office. Getting warmed up to look like a big dork with my big camera outside.

The old sandstone and granite buildings here are simply amazing. So much detail!

I strolled down to the Royal Botanical Gardens on lunch and snapped some wildlife action shots.

Some bats are shy, and some are rather free.

Heaps of great big architecture around here. The buildings on the left and right were designed using our software (Strand7).

This is the Mitchel library I was talking about.

The building I work in is at right (below). We're on the 5th floor. I have no idea how to pick it out in the photo, but I think it's the level just below the closest street light, because the first floor is called "G" here, instead of 1. Call it base zed if you like.

Here's another bike you can't get in the US. I really like it. Honda CB 400. Look, it has ABS! We need more sensible bikes like this one. I just read it has VTEC too. Pretty sweet.

The partially fared version via Wikipedia:

Here's a building downtown with duct tape holding the cladding together.

We had some fun dinner guests over tonight. Karin made us all pizza.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

From the Field

Here are some shots from my new phone, which makes documenting life so much easier!
They marketed the GS500E as the SLINGSHOT here, but not in the US.

Here's a bad idea I found in the auto parts store. "As seen on the Internet!" Oh, and some trash I saw some punk teen throw out his car window outside my house. I stopped next to him, and said "You gonna pick that up?" He thought I was kidding. "Well, someone's gotta do it!" I think that thought was a bit too deep for him. In my fantasy world, suddenly he realised that he was responsible for the state of the world, remembed all his wrongs and committing to some volunteer work. Instead I got the finger. ;) Ironically, it is a cleaning product.

Coogee at night, and our sunset view.

Outside the Mitchell Library.

Heh. I made a really really good falafel wrap dinner.

This is behind where I work, and an example of how much better Karin's dinners are.

So a 17 yr old kid crashed on the barrier outside our house. I helped him out a bit, saw that his axle had popped off and told him to call the tow truck back. I gave him a Pepsi, and he littered with the can. I think the worst thing about all this is that there's always a new teenager ready to mess things up. I avoid them at all cost.

Keeping it classy.

Inside the Mitchell Library.

Sundown at Lorikeet Coral