Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zonked Tsunami

People at the dive shop said there was going to be a Tsunami.

But it didn't happen here.

This sponge was full of life. These cleaner fish were waiting around for clients.

A moray eel lived in the other side of the sponge, which sounds pretty comfy. This fish is waiting to be cleaned.

These guys live in an overhang.

Here's a nice sponge and a new seaslug found today. Not really the most glorious feller. Points if you can see him.

I'm zonked. My traditional Sunday afternoon nap has left me in a lurch.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Weapon of choice? Channel locks did not work on this one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Steps

Today was a dive at The Steps.
I finally found the Weedy Sea Dragons! Actually they found me. They're really hard to spot! One drifted right in front of my face, then showed me it's mate.

What beeg heeps you have my beautiful mate!

A new seaslug today, can you guess what it eats?

In the shallows on the way back to base...

This post is dedicated to Bart Selz, who likes the Weedy Sea Dragon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sea Slugs of New South Wales

Miamira Magnifica (Ceratosoma magnificum) Shark Point (Sydney) September 2011

Tambja tenuilineata (adult), Bare Island west reef, Sept 2011.  See far below for juvenile form (neon green blobs).

Pleurobranchaea brockii (relative, or maybe dormant colour phase?). Kiama gravel loader, under a rock, 2010.

Berthellina citrina Bare Island West Reef September 2011

6-Aug-2011, Gordon's Bay shallows, 5mm. Very fast slug.

Trinchesia Sibogae (Flabellina rubrolineata?) Nelson Bay 2011.

Armina magna, 6cm, feeding on the base of a dead sea pen.

Latest slug find, July 2011. 4mm (verrry tiny), Gordon's Bay and The Steps. Possibly juvenile Tambja Verconis. Prefers this blue tipped weed.  UPDATE! Tambja tenuilineata juvenile.

Stiliger smaragdinus, Coogee N head 2011.
Chompers! This little guy lives nearby my house. He's mimicking the bulbous plant the he eats. Note that the white tips on his bulbs are meant to look like the shiny reflection of the sun on the real plant. Here he grabs a bulb and pops it with a vigorous little yank.

Latest find close-up. Note how closely this one resembles its food source! Especially note that the two front feelers mimic the youngest shoots at the growth front on the weed. To see what I mean, look at the whitish round growth near the top left of the picture below.

North Coogee, 2.5cm, bulbous algae mimic. White tips are hidden. Elysia? Maybe a Flabelina? Not on nudipixel (NONP). UPDATE: Stiliger smaragdinus (thanks Scuba Squirrel).

Hypselodoris bennetti and Glossodoris angasi.

Jorunna sp. 3 and Chromodoris splendida, La Perouse.

Both 6.5cm, Nelson Bay pipeline. Cleaner shrimp on black (Dendrodoris nigra), Chromodoris Kvale (Plocamopherus imperialis) at right.

Gymnodoris alba 1.5cm, West side of Bare Island.

1.5cm, Shelly Beach, Elysia coodgeensis (or Elysia australis). Similar to Elysia Sp. 4 but with purple tips and darker green.

Both 3cm, Nelson Bay pipeline. Polycera capensis and Trinchesia sibogae.

Dendrodoris denisoni and Polycera capensis on a shark, Nelson Bay.

Dendrodoris gunnamatta and Chromodoris collingwoodi eating a sponge.

Hypselodoris obscura (?) Bare Island outermost reef south, mating slugs with very different coloration, and a new flatworm (Pseudobiceros hancockanus) at Shark Point.

7cm, Bare Island outermost reef, Ceratosoma brevicaudatum. This guy is just like the yellow/purple spotted one far below, but is purple dominant instead of yellow dominant.

This looks like it is actually a flatworm, but so cool.

Similar red frilly one below with eggs, but not the same, shorter frills (at right).

Atagema osseosa with a sea hare, then 4 sea hares stacked.

All of these were found in the coogee pool on a night snorkel. The water was warm that night. Berthellina citrina (Pleurobranchus peronii) maybe and flatworm?

Piss poor torch. Should have used the flash. Need a diffuser, or a piece of masking tape. But, decisively Rostanga arbutus. Atagema osseosa.

Wow! Kindof. Bad photos, but I found 6 or 7 new species in a single snorkel that night. All just in the Coogee pool, which is only about 70' x 25'.

3cm, Coogee Rock Pool. Austraeolis ornata. Check out the irridecence on this one. Also note the captive chlorophyll for solar power. This may be the adult form of the slug just above.

Latest addition, Coogee pool 25-Nov-2010.

Black slug in a tide pool, long reef at low tide. Fall 2009. Sponge mimic NONP, possibly Platydoris sp.

Bare Island Flatworm and Ceratosoma brevicaudatum yellow form.

5cm, Nelson Bay Chromodoris aureopurpurea.

Neodoris chrysoderma and Glossodoris atromarginata.

Pteraeolidia ianthina. Quite common at Bare Island.

4cm, Ship Rock, Chromodoris daphne.

6cm, Bare Island, Aphelodoris varia.

3cm, Ship Rock, Ceratosoma amoenum and Hypselodoris bennetti.
Chromadoris thompsoni (purple one).

0.75cm, Bare Island, Chromodoris woodwardae.

Tambja verconis, Ship Rock.

4cm, The Leap, Chromodoris tasmaniensis