Sunday, January 17, 2010

Any Given Sunday

We headed out into the Saturday night with some expectation from a free Afrikan music concert downtown in The Domain. It was a fantastic night. We got a little rain which promptly stopped leaving a fresh mood on the summer night.
The two fanciest buildings (except the needle) in the picture above were analysed using Strand7, the software I help to build and test.
I took a walk during the first act, which wasn't so great, and returned to Toumani Diabate and his Symmetric Orchestra. It was so good, and all the old ladies were dancing (including mine ;)

I took a dip today, expecting better vis (20'). But there was so much life! And so many noob divers that I felt reasonably safe from shark attack.

This is the new seaslug I found today. Green with bright blue spots and feelers, about 1" long - I found 3 of them together on one rock. Three other types of seaslug were on this same rock. Bare Island is chockers.

Warp speed!=-

These guys are crowd pleasers...

So yeah, it isn't flattering after a dive, but - why be shy?

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