Sunday, January 17, 2010

Around The House

We have a non-functional fireplace.

... with non-functional figurines I found behind ~~~~~~~ when I was 19.

(Little red hen said too much)
This is my toy frog from when I was 5. I toasted him once. He's a bit singed. Green power!

^ Ping pong!
Gizmode's escape!

I found this dried up husk of a decapitated male praying mantis today while cleaning...

Our new mossy net adds romance!
The hallway... leads to the living room and our porch.
Kangaroo kebabs. Our kitchen.
We found this plant in the condition at left, in a parking lot.

Sept 2009 Jan 2010 (4 months growth)
Karin got a bunch of nice middle-eastern rugs which remind me of my childhood because my baba always had heaps of old kurdish rugs on every inch of floor. So attractive!
Our porch plants look rowdy. These shots remind me of bad facebook bar pics because of the flash. It is dusk. *shrug*

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