Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shark Point

Today was a good day to dive Shark Point. A little lost sea slug was drifting on the sand, so I gave him a landing pad. He didn't want to get off my glove. It must have been exotic tasty. Like Chinese food in Indiana in 1964.

Some really large adults around 63'.

Some nice shelled inverts as well...

We didn't get enough with the diving so decided on a snorkel in Lureline bay which is right by our new apartment. It is a drainage discharge so isn't very popular compared to other sites. But we did manage to see some very cool life there.

Shyaaaark Pt!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dusk just north of my downtown office. It's nice coming up here to unwind after a long day. The current was moving fast through the channel back out to sea.

A huge tanker drifted through being pushed by a tug. A train passed over the SHB overhead giving a nice nostalgic soundtrack to the whole scene.

We just got home from a housewarming party in Glebe, which is a really charming neighborhood just west of downtown Sydney. I found this oak tree, which reminded me of home. It's really spring here now.

Here's a pretty good example of the old Glebe terraces.

I saw a sad little doggie face.

Mystery photo... just like in Ranger Rick!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Orkney, Scotland

This is around the region where a 1MW tidal turbine is to be installed. Tip speed of 17mph. I plonked down the Google Street Views dude at random and landed here, in this misty solemn beautiful place. I long for some contrast to the sunny beaches. My body feels like it is Fall but its Spring. I'm ready to nest apparently.

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I might be coming to SNAME for work in Seattle in November, which will probably cure my appetite for mist.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

When Life

Life's been throwing some f*cking lemons. Some good ones too, in the alley on the way to the beach! Mystery photo: wtf? There's a clue at the bottom...

We walked down to Maroubra from our place.

Our new place: (we're in back)

On a long walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on lunch was just the thing for a sagging heart.

There's shops built into the abutment of the bridge on the North Shore.

The lemon fruit were many. Bigger than normal lemons, and really juicy. Proud owners of a gallon of kinda gross juice. It tastes really good for you though. We ran out of sugar...
Growth is painful and protracted.

I finally got moved to the desk I've been asking for for the last months. I've got three windows, full all-day sun and space for about 25 plants. I can't wait. Bill Koch - I want my mini-banana plant back! I'll have to find a new one here. Actually it's illegal to plant bananas on your property here.

Tax time.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aussie Rules

Here's the view from the coast nearby our new place. We're geared up for summer, with two boats, two wetsuits and a 20 minute walk to Coogee Beach.

Karin netted me into going to an AFL game this Sunday. I went in skeptical, but had fond memories of watching guys get kneed in the back as a young man at a friend's house with cable TV.

They don't do the knee-ing anymore.
It ended up being a sweet game with a really close finish. Sydney won.

Check out this guy getting it in the nuts:

As part of the moving process, I expect to have my name slaughtered. This is by far the best variant to date. Witness - the perfectly Amazing backwards spelling!

Pics of the new place to come once we get an ounce of unoccupied daylight. Moving sucks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


So we've moved! Here's Newtown, which we did not move to.

We were on the hunt for the perfect bed. They should put some real damn sheets on them for people to try them out. I'd bring my own next time.

Karin had fun on the Sealy website. You can read a lot about her victim complex by her western bedroom ikebana below.