Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cockatoo Island


How'd a free date turn into a $80 date anyway?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sailing the Pittwater

I got an invite to go sailing on Sunday with some Boeing folk and a materials scientist from UNSW. I missed the ferry to get up there, moped a bit then called Karin. She pointed out that I could just ride up there. I crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and noted some proportions I had gotten a bit wrong. On the way up, I didn't have much time and I got stuck as the first one to stop at a drawbridge. Ironically it was up for a bunch of sailboats headed out to sea.

I made it to the Manly Wharf about 15 minutes late. I sat down, dejected a second time. I was later told it was at this point that they found me and were yelling my name as I walked away.
So I made other plans. Then they called and I jotted down some directions up to Allen's house. It was a long drive, and my hand-sketched instructions wore down a little more every few kms. I finally got there, actually ahead of the crew.

A great lunch was had on the boat tucked in a little cove at Kuringai Chase NP. I promised to come back on land.

So we sailed far out into the Hawkesbury river estuary. The sun started going down and our transmission quit out. We sailed a ways, then after a few unsuccessful tacking attempts fired it up again and motored home.

The hard part was getting back to shore in the little dinghy. It was tiny. And really tippy. And the daylight was thoroughly gone. Plus most of my mates were hopped up on Dramamine (for sea-sickness) and beer. One of us made it into the water on the first try! Dramamine, beer and sharks don't mix well.

I rode home in the pouring rain. Its pretty exciting riding towards night lightening until it starts raining.

When I got home and tucked in, some hoons were racing back and forth around our corner, drifting the whole thing in both lanes. I got so pissed I ran out there barefoot and yelling with a cheap IKEA frying pan. It was pretty effective - they got the picture as clearly as they could through rain-streaked windshields.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Couranga Hike

After a really weak Saturday I decided to head out to Couranga, in the south of Royal National Park.

All that remains of the tree above is a thin strip of living xylem and phloem. I descended into the jungle.

There are palms dotted throughout the lowland jungle, giving it a semi-tropical twist.

I found a fossil leaf in the creek at the end of the trail.

The creek was real nice, and I rested up for the uphill return.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bachelor Revival

It's my very own cooking show!

Made up recipes #1
Get some little colourful tomatoes and cut them chunky.
Put some butter in a sauce pan.
Put in some crushed garlic and light it up.
Will the guy outside to STFU. It's dinner time.
Put in 90% of the tomatoes. The rest go in when it's done.
Cook em down a bit (15 mins simmer), then put in some Scala pesto. If you can't find it, put in some salt and basil instead. I'm not sure if the pesto was the best way to go. It was good, but the tomatoes were overpowered.
Cook some noodles. Put the butter in after they're done and drained.
Grate some cheese (I had some old Pecorino), ignoring the mould and telling yourself that penicillin is mould. It is probably just medicine cheese.
Once the sauce is saucy, put in the remaining 10% of the tomatoes and turn it off.

Now you have a sauce and some noodles and you figure it out.
Compliment with buttered farm bread toast, spinach and some white wine.