Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas in AU (almost)

It is Christmas time here too. Even though it's 78°F and sunny. And we go to the beach. Christmas back home is a way to break up the depressing winter, and yet we have no depression here. Plenty of B12. Yet presents are still on the horizon.

"But... what do I get for christmas?" Someone else is getting you a sea urchin to eat.
"I don't want any presents, nobody will find me here under the tree."
Angelfish has been good this year!

They are even decorating for Christmas in the fish cave.

The elves are getting ready to load up the sleigh!

"But I always get weight-watchers vids for this stupid day!"

Fish mall.

The kiddies are waiting at home for their treats.

Looking for presents.
Any presents in here?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Local pleasures

The trees outside our house are in bloom again, and the Rainbow Loris are out in force to enjoy the nectars. I enjoy their necks.

I went for a snorkel near dusk, which is mega creepy. I found a cuttlefish and followed it for 10 minutes or so. The surge was incredible - we both would fly a few meters and then pause, repeat.

We babysat for the first time today. It was fun, definitely a learning experience. The boy was 2 and the girl was 4 or 5. When mom left, he actually spent 10 minutes just crying and reaching under the door with his little arm for her. Pretty heart wrenching really. But then we mentioned the beach and he perked up and we had fun. We got to go up in a fire truck at the beach. Perfect...