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In the last 1.5 years I've managed to get traffic at from 83 countries.  Interesting that Russia and the US are the two biggest sources.

Most of this traffic comes from a music video my friend Aaron Jones made with SpringThing.  An Australian ad guy asked me to adapt the code for a dance troup exhibition but was unimpressed enough to use a different concept. Ah.  I needed Aaron.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tank 03

I know. Not the refined aquarist's choice.  But man, the contrast between this guy and the plants and sandstone is unbeatable.

Downtown Adventure with Karin

Happy lunch.

We took a bus and walked from Surry Hills through downtown.

There are some amazing tiny old pancake homes nestled in there.

This Cafe is on the corner of a busy intersection, but really nice still.  'Cept the chairs.  Scabies revolutionary.


I love this embossed font.  I want it on my Website.

In case you want to see a drive through Sydney is high speed (more to come).