Saturday, January 23, 2010

Manly Men

We went for an anniversary date today. Up to Manly Beach - it's too manly for me.

Some old snorkler guy was perving at karin underwater and I had to put the smack down. Too manly dude. Actually I just swam in front of her.

There are two calimari squid in this shot:

The city was dramatic and moody on the ferry ride home.
Our house was still hot (around 98°F) when we got home, and a Huntsman was waiting for us in the doorway. We have relaxed a bit since first moving here.
Enough to get unprotected macro shots while wearing shorts...

We got Karin a wetsuit, which was a pain. You have to haggle at the shops here to get the fair price, which is stupid, and kinda 3rd worldish. Shmucks.

Anyways, double shore dives tomorrow so I should have some more interesting material. If I ever see a Great White I am never diving here again.

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