Monday, June 8, 2009

Clovelly Snorkeling

As promised, some photos from today at Clovelly Bay.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Australia on Pause

So I managed to find a great job in Sydney. It is interesting that the best-fit jobs are the hardest to find and the easiest to get.

I'm heading home for 50 days to fix my sinking ship of a childhood home, and rent it out to get my money back. Hard times in Indiana, and going back to help the family seems like the right thing to do overall. The roof leaks, the sewer is gone, the pipes are totally rusted out to the point that they clogged all the fixtures... and it is full of our old stuff that needs to be sorted and cleaned or thrown away.

I love this house.

As for Australia, I've been snorkeling in Clovelly Bay near our house and got some silty shots from a day in really rough seas. I was bobbing in 5' swells trying to get shots by holding on to barnacles. I'm trying to get my water time in before I'm land-locked in Indiana... the quarries used to be enough for me.

This is a Blue Grouper that likes hanging out with swimmers in the bay. I think it eats sea urchins. It picks up rocks with it's mouth and turns them over, then peers at the result for food. It's about 3m long. I was afraid of it's dorsal spines at first but it's totally docile and friendly.

More snorkeling pictures to come tomorrow hopefully. I didn't get to snorkel today because we went apartment hunting and my bike got a flat rear tire. Luckily there's an awesome moto shop in Glebe called Deus Ex Machina. I got a new enduro tire, which I needed anyway, and ate an almond croissant in their in-shop cafe / restaurant while I waited. Double win!

New Tire (aka undeflatable)
Old Tire (aka totally lame)