Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More RNP

So we mounted up for some weekend adventure down south again and headed for the Royal National Park.

I got a job prospect down south so we wanted to scope out potential small towns to live in.

Some other good news is that SeaLife, the maker of my dead camera, is sending me a new version for free, including a wide angle lens! I couldn't be happier. Forget all the bad things I said about them.

The Cockatoos there were really into western food.

Here we are at the coast.

We found a little crab that was pretty friendly (scared shitless) once picked up.

Here's a neat sea slug we found in a tide pool. He's a floater.

I was feeling the effects of the sun and decided to dress up like captain cook (interpreted of course).

We stayed in a hotel above a bar for $100. When I went up to see the room I think everyone downstairs were like "shhh! he's seeing the room!" because I couldn't hear anyone in the bar below. So I assumed we were good. Not so. It turns out that because liquor liscences are so $$ here there is usually only one bar in town and EVERYONE and their mother goes to the same spot. 10ft below our pillows.
Then the "Illegal biker gangs" showed up to round off the night with some rolling thunder.
Then it was quite for 3 hours.
Then construction started at 4:30am across the street. It was not a good night.

All of the neat wildlife I've seen so far (except for Cockatoos and Ibis) has been roadkill. Probably because they are all nocturnal. The list includes:
  • Echidna, which I ran over (already dead and flat) and worried about spines in the tire
  • Wombat, which was hugely bloated, about the size of a 50 gallon drum
  • Grey roo. Just dead by the roadside with blood on it
  • Opossum with white tipped tail, also totally dead, poked with stick
Anyway the camera died and we didn't get any pictures of the rest of the trip but here's a map of our route, which was a 300 km (188 mi) loop.

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