Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We're having a bit of a bad week, Australia.

It turns out I've ruptured a ligament in my thumb and I'm going in for surgery tomorrow morning. The good news is that insurance is not as nasty as in the US and we're fully pre-sorted on that end. Also I'll have some metal in my thumb.

The bad news is that I'll be in cast for 6 weeks and something they call "The Spoon" for another 4 after that. So 10 weeks of recovery during which I won't be riding which means everything will be harder and more local. Maybe that is ok. I'll walk around a lot which is better for making friends.

The other bad news is that they'll be cutting me open for the first time ever tomorrow morning.

In summary, the good:
  • Cool metal in thumb
  • Insurance doesn't suck
  • Karin is taking good care of me
  • Full anesthesia
  • Bogus internet bill was dropped
The bad:
  • Someone is going to cut me on purpose tomorrow
  • I don't know what "The Spoon" is
  • I can't ride my motorbike

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