Thursday, April 2, 2009


After a couple of rainy days which basically consited of naps and internet and self-pity I decided to have a go at another northern adventure. I hopped on the bike and headed up north on 1.

It was clear when I started but then the sky just opened up and I hunkered down on the bike, trying to make my frontal area as small as possible. It was hopeless and and in a moment of reckless romanticism I just opened up and let the soaking have it's way with me. I instantly regretted it but it was a brief moment of happiness just the same.

I came to a much needed turn-off to get on the smaller old highway which is safer and slower but as I approached the roundabout I wasn't slowed enough for the guy coming around and hit the front brake too hard. I went down and slid a few meters. It is such an odd sensation where the intellect is not at pace with the world and you're able to think but can't do anything about the sliding / scraping / damage to the bike (US$237) and skin (1 in^2). In retrospect I realize that I don't use the rear brake anymore (even in rain) because my ninja had a terribly sticky rear brake that would render the bike useless if used. Also, the DRZ has much less weight on the front end so it tends to wash out a lot sooner than the Ninja would. Good to know. I actually read that two days ago but ya gotta be stupid.

It was hard getting myself off the pavement but I knew I had to get out of the road or end up in the so much interesting roadkill camp. I got help picking the bike up and promptly almost fainted from shock leaned over the bike. Parked, and walking away from the roundabout I could barely see or hear through the lack of blood in my head. I laid out my stuff and got horizontal for a bit. A nice couple with greyhounds (a lot like in the movie "The Castle" (which is excellent)) came - "Would you like a bit of fruit?" Sure! It helped a lot with the shock.

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So it turns out I wrecked about 50' away from an ambulance depot. The dot on the map is the depot, and I wrecked at the roundabout. I walked up and knocked, and at first it seemed deserted but a guy (Ron) came out and took me in. Another guy (Roy) went and got my bike off the roundabout island. They were great. "No chores for at least a week!" Bandaged me right up. "Have you got a lolly?" Turns out they have eucalyptus lollies here - not exactly my favorite (cherry). But then when he took my blood pressure it was low (like 90) so they wanted to take me to a hospital because they had to leave. I didn't want to go and convinced them I'd be ok after a few minutes lying down. So, the pressure was on, so to speak, for me to get my blood pressure back up. I thought about whacking myself in the nuts but it would've been too obvious. So I thought manly thoughts and that totally worked! Then they made me stand up and do it again and I thought even manlier thoughts and it went up again. They were surprised and I got my way. Getting back on the bike was definitely not a good feeling. But I looked pretty cool (stupid?) with my bloody knees and bandaged hands.

So anyway, now I look like a kickboxer (need some glass bits), or maybe a Kegadoru. I wanted to take pictures of my pants with bloody ripped knees but Karin was quick-acting with the soak. The bike's ok, just a little tweaked up front which it is designed to do without damage. We'll be in bed with the bon-bons for a few days now.

To my friends in Seattle, take this as me upping the stakes a bit. I got $100 on me.

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