Monday, March 23, 2009

Royal National Park

Because it costs maybe $10 in tolls to go north, I keep going south. Today I went to the Royal National Park near Sydney and snorkeled and clambered on fallen sandstone. I got pretty creeped out while snorkeling because the visibility wasn't good and I kept thinking I saw a shark. Actually it took me about 10 minutes standing there with my snorkel in my mouth before I even got in, and I only stayed in for 5 minutes, opting to walk back to my stuff. The cold is bad and adds to a feeling of panic not knowing what just watched you drop in for lunch.
So I got out and talked to a spear fisher in the lot who told me that there have been recent Great White shark sightings at the inlet to the bay I was in. Instincts should be followed when underwater.
Then I rode through the south end of the park which was a blast because it's really hilly and verdant so the roads are like twisty tunnels.
I met a couple of German guys who just got out of compulsory military service over there and were touring Australia in a Toyota camper van. One seemed to be into getting a bike and heading up north with me; I've been looking for someone to do that with.
Then I took the long way home and found some 4x4 trails in the bush. It was fun getting back into dirt, and it surprised me how much traction I had with pure street tires. I really got into it and was getting air and having a great time but it was getting dark and the last thing I wanted was to sleep in the dirt in my jacket, funnel-webs or no.
This week there are 3 job fairs (Tue Wed Thur) so maybe not so much adventuring. Going to those makes me feel pretty old now, which is another reason I don't like them. They are not an adventure. The other reason is that there is virtually no benefit to face time with the people there - they don't do interviews - they don't even take resumes.

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