Friday, July 9, 2010

Whats the diff?

When I was 8, I got a remote control car. After the novelty "wore off" (I would have still died for this car) I started modding. What could I do? I took the plastic shell off. 10 minutes later, it didn't work any more. It was pink and yellow. Now if I break it I can buy myself a new one.

So I just got this helicopter for my birthday from work. I took it out today into the world of Sydney lunchtime. The plan: get to the park and fly it.
But it started raining right after I got my sushi! Plan foiled.
I hunched in a doorway, watching the rain and snarfing cheap 'sush.
A guy comes out, kinda macho and lights up. I hate smoking. I hate it so much that I hate smokers (that I don't know). I hated this man. And somehow I think it manifested in him slipping off a 2" step and sprawling onto the wet stones, cigi torn in half lying in the rain. He's lucky the butt slowed his fall. I decided to move on. The chopper was ready for first blood.

So I found some overhang to fly in but it was windy and harsh. I pressed on and found a large atrium decorated with 70's chairs and the ugliest 3D mural I've ever seen. No guard. Perfect for some controlled flight time. So that lasted about as long as I wanted it to and I got kicked out by a really nice security guy. Fun fun!

Anyways, so tonight I'm applying my time tested method of taking shit apart once I've played with it a little. The difference? Now I'm an engineer. Black socks. Sweatpants. Dress shirt. Check! Leftovers! Almost check! k. Not so check on the left-overs. We press on.
I've already found:
1) Two extra side-pods, not needed, removed.
2) Hot glue holding them steady (wtf. strength to weight ratio of Iz)
3) FOD in the form of an extra screw that must have stuck to the magnetic motor at assembly.
... all this stuff is not going back in. Also I've decided to leave a few less-than-strategic screws out.
My Sansa Clip died a while ago due to crappy adhesive on the LiOn battery pack leading to wire fatigue. All these batteries are also 3.7V! The one in my Clip (ATL-363830) is 350mAh, or about 4 times the capacity in the 'chopper now. But I think it weights about that much more too. I really need a microscale. Anyways I love my clip and I think I'll take this opportunity to fix it instead. I think I can find a better battery pack at a hobby store.

Karin scoffs when I tell her I need my fingernails.

This was followed by a frenzy of 3.7V batteries-finding. Too big, but fun to dream.

The performance difference just from that few grams of weight off was so noticeable. It now rockets upward as never before. Now I just need more practice and a slightly bigger battery (around 200mAh).

I'm so hungry now. I guess that means its pasta time.

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