Sunday, July 4, 2010


So, the flight home was as good as it could be for a dude who's too uptight to get z's on the plane. Virgin absolutely kicks the pants off of the other budget trans-pacific airlines. Best in-flight, with each seat having it's own little movie player which can also media from your own USB connected device. I watched Avatar, The Hurt Locker (palpitations at 3am) and some cool indy films that made me laugh a lot.

There's good music playing in the bathrooms. Good lighting. Good service. Oh, and awesome food. Food I would be happy to receive in a ground-based non-airport restaurant.

Plus the plane is beautiful. They have a fleet of smacking new 777's which, except for that heathrow incident has never crashed, and has never killed.

My wife bought me a new blue hoodie so I can look suspicious (in style!) everywhere I go. Even to the bathroom.

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