Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Dramas

I lost my phone yesterday while on a jet-lagged walk in the park. In my weakened state I decided that the cell phone would be less of a burden if placed in the side pockets of my carhartt jeans. I had previously learned this lesson with less valuable objects in my teens but since forgotten. So, doing some stretches in the warm sunny grass it just escaped. And someone picked it up before I could get back to it. I just got it back, but I had texted a $50 reward to the phone so I had to pony up. He pulled the "I'm out of work" line, I got my phone back.
So we went for a dive, Andrew and I. It was eventful, to say the least. This Blue Grouper has holes in his face from the Sea Urchins he eats.
We got totally lost at Bare Island, and ended up nearly circumnavigating it. We came up to look around at the point farthest from any possible get-out spot, in 12' swells which were rapidly pushing us toward the rocky breakwater. That's when I saw the shark with shark bites on it.

So in the map at left, we started off at the SW corner of the bridge, swam around CCW until the SE most corner of the island underwater and surfaced there right in front of the massive breakwater of the exposed island face. At that point we were both low on air, I was getting water in my mouth every time I tried to say "F_ck Andrew this f_cking sucks!" and my legs were fried.

We decided to head back the way we came instead of pressing on, which was smart because the waves were just awful in the direction we had been headed. After a brief surface swim we decided to descend and burn the remaining air to get back to the sheltered side of the island. It was much more palatable underwater, with the swell ratcheting us back to safety in a surprisingly quick recovery.

This sat photo doesn't show the whitewater conditions we saw today.

I need a haircut badly.

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