Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bachelor Revival

It's my very own cooking show!

Made up recipes #1
Get some little colourful tomatoes and cut them chunky.
Put some butter in a sauce pan.
Put in some crushed garlic and light it up.
Will the guy outside to STFU. It's dinner time.
Put in 90% of the tomatoes. The rest go in when it's done.
Cook em down a bit (15 mins simmer), then put in some Scala pesto. If you can't find it, put in some salt and basil instead. I'm not sure if the pesto was the best way to go. It was good, but the tomatoes were overpowered.
Cook some noodles. Put the butter in after they're done and drained.
Grate some cheese (I had some old Pecorino), ignoring the mould and telling yourself that penicillin is mould. It is probably just medicine cheese.
Once the sauce is saucy, put in the remaining 10% of the tomatoes and turn it off.

Now you have a sauce and some noodles and you figure it out.
Compliment with buttered farm bread toast, spinach and some white wine.

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