Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I'm doing a study to recreate the SHB using our analysis package to prepare for a bridge expo in June. So far so good, I have a model which looks like the real deal, but I don't have any of the detailed sizing of the structure. I took some photos to study the detail.
Update: The NSW state library called - I have to get written permission from the RTA (roads and traffic authority) to see the bridge plans. Go figure. I think I'll pass. I found the bridge dimensions from another drawing so I have the joint positions all correct, but have to guess the sections.

I also went to the State Public Library to look up the actual bridge plans. I had to use a card file! Holy crap. Sometimes they are right about the 20 years behind thing. I actually kinda liked it. Old hand-written cards in cursive. It turns out that the lead engineer's wife donated some plans. I'm going back next week when I have more time. It is a terribly inefficient place, but also magnificently beautiful. Maybe pics later.


  1. Nice drawings! Curious as to if you would share them? (If you still have them!) I am trying to do a wooden version of the Harbour Bridge to add to my Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower wooden models.

  2. I got some general dimensions from the Mitchel Library. They were pencil drawn on one of the elevation view blueprints. I can't give out the model but I'll try to remember to extract the overall dimensions (key points) for you.

  3. Thanks for your quick response. :)
    I have got some info on the site. I was just being lazy and not wanting to draw the whole bridge.
    But if you do have any more info, that would be great.

    1. I do - I will post the coordinates of the joints. Without this your model just won't look right - it is not a very regular arch section.

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  5. Here are the coordinates, in SI units (m). The first column are the horizontal positions, the second column are the vertical positions. Each row is a joint location.
    Horizontal Vertical
    1.97815e+2 4.08432e+1
    2.15798e+2 2.83708e+1
    2.33782e+2 1.46792e+1
    2.51765e+2 0.00000e+0
    1.79832e+1 1.06223e+2
    3.59664e+1 1.04495e+2
    5.39496e+1 1.01855e+2
    7.19328e+1 9.82736e+1
    8.99160e+1 9.31408e+1
    1.07899e+2 8.70722e+1
    1.25882e+2 8.00618e+1
    1.43866e+2 7.18322e+1
    1.61849e+2 6.26364e+1
    1.79832e+2 5.21970e+1
    0.00000e+0 1.06680e+2
    0.00000e+0 1.24968e+2
    5.39496e+1 1.21615e+2
    7.19328e+1 1.19177e+2
    8.99160e+1 1.15519e+2
    1.07902e+2 1.11252e+2
    1.25882e+2 1.06375e+2
    1.43866e+2 1.00584e+2
    1.61849e+2 9.41832e+1
    1.79832e+2 8.68680e+1
    1.97815e+2 7.89432e+1
    2.15798e+2 7.10184e+1
    3.59664e+1 1.23444e+2
    1.79832e+1 1.24663e+2
    2.51765e+2 5.73024e+1
    2.33782e+2 6.37032e+1
    -1.97815e+2 4.08432e+1
    -1.79832e+1 1.24663e+2
    -1.79832e+1 1.06223e+2
    -3.59664e+1 1.23444e+2
    -3.59664e+1 1.04495e+2
    -7.19328e+1 1.19177e+2
    -7.19328e+1 9.82736e+1
    -8.99160e+1 1.15519e+2
    -8.99160e+1 9.31408e+1
    -1.07902e+2 1.11252e+2
    -1.07899e+2 8.70722e+1
    -1.25882e+2 1.06375e+2
    -1.25882e+2 8.00618e+1
    -1.43866e+2 1.00584e+2
    -1.43866e+2 7.18322e+1
    -1.61849e+2 9.41832e+1
    -1.61849e+2 6.26364e+1
    -1.79832e+2 8.68680e+1
    -1.79832e+2 5.21970e+1
    -5.39496e+1 1.21615e+2
    -5.39496e+1 1.01855e+2
    -2.51765e+2 5.73024e+1
    -2.33782e+2 1.46792e+1
    -2.33782e+2 6.37032e+1
    -2.15798e+2 2.83708e+1
    -2.15798e+2 7.10184e+1
    -1.97815e+2 7.89432e+1
    -2.51765e+2 0.00000e+0

    The vertical position of the top of the deck is 44.2996m in this reference system.

  6. Awesome! Thanks so much. These are on CAD already. :)
    Now onto the Pylons. I am not finding much info on them except the base dimensions and the height. I think I will have to make educated guesses for them.
    Thanks again!

  7. I am only equipped with a copy of turbocad v16 so can use cad drawings and would like some detailed enough to build a 1:48 scale or as close as I can to it model of Sydney Starting with the SHB from Lego.
    I would like to achieve this with the possibility of having the Lego cars and trucks moving across the bridge, through the tunnel ect.
    by way of concealed magnets and motors ect.
    could I also request information on where and how to get these blueprints.

    1. All the data available is the nodal coordinates above. Everything else is controlled by the RTA. You can google sections of the bridge to get an idea of the transverse girder assemblies.