Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pizza in Coogee

So, after a long time, and a lot of eating pizza, our favourite is Jack's Pizza here in Coogee. Doughboy is also good, but their crust is too thin and even an XL will not feed two very hungry people. Jack's has thick crust options, and I quote "we will make it as thick as you want it." But they need more salt in their dough to make a good thick crust option really.

Here is the menu for Jack's Pizza in Coogee, because it is impossible to find online:

We affectionately refer to Jack's as "the dead bird pizza store" because the first time we ate there there was a dead pigeon on the floor under a table. I think it had just flown in and died. Anyways it's not still there and the pizza is great. Except on Sundays, when they're closed.

UPDATE: Sven's pizza is small and very expensive.  It is very tasty, but a large is just enough for one hungry adult (maybe).

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