Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just this Weekend

We had a good full weekend.  Vis in the water is still bad from storms so no diving, but we went down to Royal National Park and did a couple short hikes at places we hadn't been before.  Flat Rock Creek, and a fire trail near the highest elevation point in the park.  We crossed the creek to eat lunch in the sun on some rocks.  On the way back I got lost and separated from Karin, and had a good little adventure hurting my hand and climbing on things.

Today we just went to the beach.  On the way I found an old skateboard and took it with us.

 It was in pretty bad shape, looks like dad ran it over with the car because the bolts in the trucks were both bent to one side.  I re-aligned them so the bend was front-beck instead of to one side and now it's ok.  Still just a crap K-Mart board but fun for going down hills!  Not steep ones.

 This is the bent bolt.  It's a pretty big bolt, must have been backed over by dad (or maybe mom).  Ah and I adjusted our front door today (psht you care).

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