Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Snowies

Karin made mini-pumpkins, we got drunk and I carved one. It is getting on fall here now. Orchids bloom through the winter and our first one came out already.

This mario bomb is a mangostein. It is the most delicious fruit ever.

We headed up into the Snowy Mountains, a long drive and we were in the vast highlands.

The fishing lure bird was stunningly orange.

This was our campsite for the first night.

We nestled in for the night, unawares.
A pack of wild dogs started howling nearby just after nightfall. What are you supposed to do in this situation? My take was to stay in the tent until they start pulling it down.
I got a big stick and kept it close. Karin joked about throwing it for the doggies.
Then they howled right next to us. I got out and shone the torch around, and they didn't come back. My sleep was pretty much bust after that.

This has happened to us before, just outside Yellowstone NP. But that time it was a real wolf. I shone my flashlight (it was in the US) to see if I could see it after it had circled us, howling periodically. I saw glowing eyes! But they turned out to be my truck reflectors.

I found some prints the next day, but I think it is a fox print. This weird neon worm was exposed from fox digging.

The snow gums are really nice.

So the next day we headed to the thermal pool, which is actually very luke warm. Its surprising how good luke warm can feel after a cold dog-riddled night's sleep. We found a nice hotel in a nearby town to rescue the trip.

I found a cave and explored it. There was a neat splash zone of recalcifying stones that reminded me of teeth. And we saw brumbies.

I went off into the heath by myself while Karin went on a long hike to a faraway peak. I found gold!

There are a lot of interesting foreign mushrooms here, like this stink-rot one mimicking a carcass. I wonder what it does with the flies that enter? Check out the masterful fetid wound flaps!

It was really beautiful up in the meadows -

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