Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nelson's Bay

What a great dive. Me and M'Bates went for a first-thing in the morning dive at Nelson's bay, about 3 hours north of Sydney. I stayed with him and his mom and grandma nearby at a horse ranch hacienda place. Really quite the experience!

Two new seaslugs and a great drift. We saw so much detail, it was hard to stop in the current but necessary to catch the details.

Can you see the shark?

This octo stole my wide-angle lense after I taunted him with it. Two big tugs after he wrapped his arms around it and the chord broke. We had to lift the rock off him to get it back.
Here's a video of the action, pretty much over by 1:00.

Ah, and then it was time for Fighter World! It was kinda neat but I had a huge headache at this point.

We found this awesome weirdness in the corner of Fighter World:
"Bear's" ear is on fire.

Look mom, we made a jet!

This guy looks exactly like Maurice!
Waves are kinda like trenches...

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