Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesdays Off

We got a new camera for land pictures. Its got a 20x optical zoom, which is pretty sweet for just about anything. We arrived home a day early from the Snowies (don't ask...) and so we just had a nice day about town. We went to Centennial Park and tested it out.

Wow this is easy.

Flower shots!

Bird shots! Some people see the world in black and white.

The flying foxes are raucous. Karin coined the term "bat rape," which describes the general noise of the colonies well. Also, these black cockatoos are so big we call them "hawkatoos."

A mouse chewed a chunk out of our mouse. We found it in the soil bag on the porch. I hate to say it, but my first instinct was just to stomp it out. It was cute, we compromised, and I carried the bag away and let it go in the golf course. I really would have regretted killing it. Even though it is invasive.

I got in for an arvo (afternoon) dive at La Perouse; it was dark and cloudy above and below.

Although grainy, this image captures the colour of the reef at the outer tip of Bare Island well. It just looks fun, doesn't it?

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