Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snorkel Horse

We found a seahorse at Neilson Bay Park, and had a great snorkel with Andrew and his wife Anthuesa. It was hanging out on the shark net.

We also had a thanksgiving feast with new friends here which was a blast. People were loud and friendly, there was so much food and we all laughed.

But then yesterday I was eating leftover turkey, and I got to the bottom of it and there were maggots from when the turkey was out and we were all laughing ... and the flies were getting busy. So gross. I had to have a beer to sterilise.

Karin is falling in love with Hobart right now, we'll see if she makes it back. Gone for 2 weeks for work. I made a nice beef and potato hash for myself tonight, complete with steamed baby squashes.

A container semi took down a 50' Sycamore outside my office on Monday. It hit so hard that the top half of the tree folded back on itself, landing with the top of the tree back at the break. The tree had 1/2 of its trunk already eaten away by similar accidents.

And I got to hang with my buddy Paul Gregg last week and meet the fam; it was fun. We had lunch at The Strand Arcade downtown. It's great getting visitors. I'm changing here and they remind me about how I felt when I was living / working with them.

This video obviously isn't mine, but is amazing. Just to spice up all this domestic bliss a bit.

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