Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Mountains Caving

We went caving out in the Blue Mountains last weekend, at Abercrombie Karst. The limestone there is different to the Salem stone back home. It's older and smoother and corals-based.
On the way there were trains.


We camped next to a wombat burrow and he came out at night. I couldn't get a good picture because I was kindof afraid of it. It was huge! Like a little vego bear.

An old gold mine shaft.

We ate pretty well for camping. Beef stew and buttered bread.

"Polly" and her baby were so hungry. But they were on a serious no-carbs diet. These guys make some truly awful noises at night, like exactly a monster. An angry territorial monster.

But so cute!

It's springtime here and all the little flowers were in bloom in the Blue Mountains.

The coolest flower I found was this one:

It had no leaves at the base. Looks like it's trying to mimic a wasp.


It was misty and rainy in the mountains. I was in the bathroom and Karin didn't believe me that it was raining hard when I was in there. She was 100' away and didn't get a drop.

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