Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little hike, house pics.

The house is still coming along, it really looks better now with it's new paint.
That was such hard work. I was listening to The Decemberists and Smashing Pumkins on 10 hours a day, sweating and eating Aver's. I lost 6 lb eating out every night. It's kinda sad being a desk jockey again.

While the leaves are coming down in Bloomington, we're just getting ready for beach weather here. Also: The moon is tilted 90° CCW, and the drains go CCW. I don't know which way they go up there.
Karin says poppycock.

We went back to Royal National Park recently and had a nice field day. First, the north end of the park, coastal walking and finding the "waterfall." Not really very nice, with bait meat steeping at its base. Hark! I remember Twin Falls near Seattle...
There's a lot less fresh water here.

Down to the south end of the park, where the forest picks up. Very dry and crunchy.

The trees bleed when a fire rips through, the sap boils and cracks their trunks. I've heard that some even explode.

Talking to an old friend,
We're adults now... but maybe our generation had the best childhood, too early for the internet, too late for child abuse.

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