Thursday, March 12, 2009

For starters...

So this is what I brought to Australia. Two helmets, and some scuba gear. Right now I wish I had more pants.

I did a lot of Diving in Fiji (9 dives). It was truly amazing. Like a giant bathtub with rainbow fish all over the place. They call it the soft coral capitol of diving but the hard corals are way better in my op.

On the first dive, it was in "view pictures" mode so I didn't get any shots.

On the second dive, it worked ok, but I was just getting the hang of it so most of the pictures stink.

On the third dive, the battery died.

On the fourth, the camera refused to take any pictures whatsoever. It was dead. More like the living dead bc it still turns on. So I have to send it in for warranty. For the record it is a Sealife DC800.

So the few shots I managed to take are here.

We stayed at a place called Dolphin Bay Divers, which was fantastic. We had our own little hut thing ("Bure"). The water was about 20' from our doorstep, which helped with sleeping through coconuts falling in the night. Coconuts kill more tourists than sharks in Fiji.

We tried to climb a mountain and failed. It was just too hot.
More Fiji pics are here.

The gods were angered.

For those of you who are betting on my timely demise, take this a proof that I am still alive.

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