Saturday, March 24, 2012

Botany Bay Storm

I planned a dive off Cape Solander (aka "The Steps") but it was milky, so I read my kindle on a cliff instead.  It was so sunny.  I finished a nice chicken pot pie I got at the malabar bakery, and headed down to Oak Park.  There, I could see in the distance a huge storm was forming.  It came on fast an hard.
 I ran for a cliff overhang instead of back to the car, for fun.  The gulls didn't want to come in under the cliff with me.  The just pointed their beaks into the hail.
 Suddenly I could only see about 30'.  Sailboats disappeared.
 This is the cliff I hung under.
 Right after the front passed, an inflatable boat with two spearfishermen hooting and hollering came zipping by.

 And then it was gone.  The sun came out and I headed back to the other side of the bay (a 40 minute drive) to check out Bare Island.  I think I dove then.  Haven't been diving too much.

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