Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sydney Spring 2011

Here's the atrium for a cool-as theatre downtown.  And at right, some buildings that are slated for replacement (except the historic maccers, they're keeping that).

Strand7 was used to analyse this building.  And... Koalas of ill repute being Johned by old ladies in Wynyard park.  They muscled me out of the way...

The secret to great high-light shots is adjusting the exposure.  These poppies are just starting to come out in the rose garden section of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The N end of the Domain in Sydney.

My desk: new plants from the Royal Botanical Gardens, and my curbed stained glass.  Sunset on Friday was really nice.  I'm lucky: got the best seat in the house.

Mo' poppies.  And an antique shop.  I was basically told to leave when I took this photo.  Idiots.  They're going out of business - I wonder why?

Some cool architecture around town.  The right one is the loft portion of a building along Barangaroo which looks so fing cool on the inside with the gabled ceilings and all.

And... that is where I eat, almost every day.  Delicious Chinese food in the "Hunter Connection" -- if you for some reason end up there, try the Malaysia curry chicken, eggplant and the mushroom and egg.  Cute pet rat licking and grooming (not mine).

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