Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sydney at Night

This week was a busy nights week, from Wednesday to Friday I was out and about.  Karin's been gone, and I've been lucky enough to hang out with Andrew and Anthousa and Ians.

We did pub trivia at Sweeny's, which is at the bottom of Clarence St.  The Thai food there is so awesome, I plan to get back there for lunch sometime really soon.  Thai style rice with chicken, comes with lemon, get that.

Me and Ian took a huge walk around the Domain and chatted it up, it's always great to catch up with him outside of work, he is really surprising.  Possibly because he is generally pretty guarded.  We ate McDonalds for dinner, because all the other affordable restaurants close at like 5pm...

... and that's what the end of a day can be like.   But usually it's more mundane, like coming home and doing internet.  Sydney just feels really safe.  I talked to a cop in Pittsburgh about that and he actually knew about how there are hardly any police here.  I was surprised by that - they must study it or something.  I think it's pretty simple:  higher minimum wage relative to median income.

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