Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walk Around the Spot

So, day two of $50 dates. Sticker shock doesn't really get old, or change with the exchange rate. "Tapas" is Spanish for "twice as expensive as bigger food." But it was "nice," which is American English for "regrettable."

We took a detour through the graveyard near our house at sunset, after walking through a neighborhood full of really nice homes we wanted.

This grave made Karin sad, but then I realised how ... well, just how awful a name this child would have had to live with had it survived puberty. Basically reads "septum is harry." Harry nose, yep, that's me.

A nice fence on the way back.

And a big rig you don't see often in the US, one of the old blunt ones. They also have gravel guards which you don't see back home either.

I stopped in the liquor store across the street to get some cider, and the counter guy, on seeing my jade plant and cactus cutting, asked if I was into gardening. "Sure!" So he's going to bring in a cutting of a moon flower cactus for me in 2 weeks. Also, an old babushka lady burst out with joy at seeing me and Karin walking together. She said she liked seeing nice couples.

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