Saturday, August 20, 2011

Melbourne's Free Art

Wizard god, and lots of vases.

Some art deco focus was totally appreciated.

And, of course, there is baby mama drama. And buns.

Trying to be more European .. must get over fear of posting pubeless nude, and flute slaves.

This room was incredible, with so many dark, amazing paintings everywhere. A lot of my favourites came from in there.

I want this full sized on my bedroom wall when we finally settle and get a house... someday... please soon... no more waking up to old people sex at 3:45am plz.

What a cool capture of personality in this one.

I've always loved roosters, because they were one of the more accessible jungle birds in my youth. And I loved chinese hackey-sacs (more like feather disks) that had rooster tail feathers on them.

These shields from 1980's PNG sport superhero designs, to protect the bearers from shotgun pellets.

This one was a surprise crowd-pleaser.

This is sintered fibreglass, which makes me think there is some potential in this as an engineering material process somehow, it was just so cool.

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