Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2

A huge storm came through right before I got home, knocking out trees all across town. Homeless squirrels count their blessings by eating ripe mulberries.

This sculpture of Adam and Eve was knocked down, and I ran into the model for the male part at the Runcible. We talked about the town neurotics for a bit.

Eve was spared. So was the stained glass house.

This is Needmore Lake. Unfortunately a troll has taken up residence next to it. All these people who live out in Needmore used to be young hippies, but now they have turned into old territorial trolls who chase off young people wanting to cool down in the water. Bing's daughter is very cute, but recovering from a severe mosquito bite.

I have giant friends.

It was hard to avoid the socialness, (I wanted to explore) but I eventually realised I was really lucky to be involved in something like all that. Plus I got called a Renaissance man.