Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloomington Summer

It was a good first day back. I ate at the Uptown, saw my friend Sasha off on a trip and went biking and swimming all day.

These guys were pretty curious.

It was so cold beneath the 1' layer of heated water at the top. So cold I shrieked when I tried to dive down.

It feels good to be back in a place I can identify with.

This is a steam driven air compressor. It apparently had a massive failure of one of the cast belt wheels.

Below right is a blooming orchid I found in the cedar undergrowth.

A view from above...

... and back down into the forest.


  1. I hope you enjoyed these sights not only through your view finder though. I started watching out for taking lots of pictures and not looking with my own eyes.

  2. Yeah I was pretty immersed so it was ok. The pizza was def. enjoyed on both levels.