Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sydney Spring I

Oops. Actually it is fall. It's all backwards down here. I also managed to post these pics in reverse chronological order.

We walked out to the tip of the N head of Botany Bay. There is a riveted steamer wreck washed up there, and its pretty cool. Like most stuff in AU, you can just go climb on it. I like that.

Here's a rust flow from some other ruins.

There are so many interesting spots for sedimentary geologists here. Karin's dad is one and I wanted to take him here but we all got sick from an LAX flu.

Nice views from out there. It was rainy.

We also went on a terrible hike to the Lady Carrington track again (but this time with Karin). We saw a monitor lizard who was digging into a termite nest, maybe to get its babies out. Also, on St Patrick's day morning I looked down in my shower and found a chunk of gold. It must have stuck to my foot somewhere somehow. It was fragile so I had to pick it up with wet TP.

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