Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kota Kinabalu

We showed up and found our hotel, The Gaya Center. It was really nice to settle in and have a shower after the overnight flight. And it was hot. Fishing boats from the days of yore chugged past below our window. One had a really nice hammock strung up. This is Kota Kinabalu. There are some amazing markets all around, especially the fish markets. I didn't feel comfortable taking pics there though I should have.

We went to Mamutik Island just off KK. Snorkeling was OK after a brief freak-out that we had come to the shittiest tropical island ever. Asians drifted by in life jackets.

But there was some stuff worth seeing. The visibility was poor.

I went out for a second snorkel, and the time passed so quickly that Karin had to swim out and rescue me because our ferry was leaving.

I was stung on the neck pretty badly.

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