Sunday, January 16, 2011

Borneo: Mt Kinabalu

It was so pretty at the base of Mt Kinabalu.

I did know that the death march was about to begin, but I didn't realise how bad it would be.

Because really I like to think adventure is an attitude, and I can make it as subtle as I want. That's where the detail is. That's why climbing mountains is against my method. It's too hard, and there's not much subtlety in it. Speaking of subtlety, can you see the winking cat in the mountain?

It was so steep. Then it started raining and got very cold. All I had was a tee-shirt and a rain coat, and it wasn't enough.

But we made it. Actually Karin carried the pack the whole way up. We got up there and man it was good to be in the shelter (Laha Datu). We had hot chocolate, and our room was above the kitchen which warmed it. The next morning at 2am Karin decided to try the summit. This is "normal." But it was rained out, and she struggled back into bed, dejected. I never planned to summit.

I had it the whole way down (almost...)

Look, he ate it! The crunching. Very rare Iguana species.


  1. did the lizard eat the roly poly bug?

  2. Yes, it was really loud. There's a picture of a full grown bug above in the post "Danum Valley 2."