Monday, November 22, 2010

Wet Queensland

I was in Gladstone, QLD for work and stayed on for the weekend. I headed out to Curtis Island on the ferry. I can't remember a more continuous rain. This little froggy jumped on the grill while I was heating my soup. I didn't see it happen.

The camp kagas munching hay.

The dunes just in from the shore were full of watermelons. I thinks they're the bad yellow kind.

Praying Mantis.

This is the mud flat I ended up crossing to get back to camp.

I sorta started thinking about crocs when I was out on the mud flat.

The mangrove niche is filled by eucalypts here.
A sea turtle shell, about 2km inland on the flats. I'm always shocked how tired I look when I do these.

The ocean was turbid but warm. I didn't feel like it.

Pretty peas and floating stones.

More dead frogs. I think the green tree frogs aren't very smart.

.. and yeah the roof is worse.

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