Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Clear Spring Diving

You know they spell Claratin with a y here, like "Claratyne."
It was pretty clear today. Best vis I've seen since I dove The Leap over a year ago, 45'.

My lens fogged for a bit right when I got in but cleared later. It was cold. Karin is swimming 1k in the waves tomorrow out to wedding cake island. They're starting from the sand beach at upper left.

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The "calryty" make taking pics so much better. Natural light really helps the DC1000 a lot, but I found it was overexposing often, which is opposite the problem I normally have. In high light, it might be better to try the "multi" metering setting. I have it set to point.

It is the season for loving down here. And under there.

Cheyas mates. I'm off for a night snorkel in Clovelly Pool.

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