Saturday, September 11, 2010

When Life

Life's been throwing some f*cking lemons. Some good ones too, in the alley on the way to the beach! Mystery photo: wtf? There's a clue at the bottom...

We walked down to Maroubra from our place.

Our new place: (we're in back)

On a long walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on lunch was just the thing for a sagging heart.

There's shops built into the abutment of the bridge on the North Shore.

The lemon fruit were many. Bigger than normal lemons, and really juicy. Proud owners of a gallon of kinda gross juice. It tastes really good for you though. We ran out of sugar...
Growth is painful and protracted.

I finally got moved to the desk I've been asking for for the last months. I've got three windows, full all-day sun and space for about 25 plants. I can't wait. Bill Koch - I want my mini-banana plant back! I'll have to find a new one here. Actually it's illegal to plant bananas on your property here.

Tax time.

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