Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aussie Rules

Here's the view from the coast nearby our new place. We're geared up for summer, with two boats, two wetsuits and a 20 minute walk to Coogee Beach.

Karin netted me into going to an AFL game this Sunday. I went in skeptical, but had fond memories of watching guys get kneed in the back as a young man at a friend's house with cable TV.

They don't do the knee-ing anymore.
It ended up being a sweet game with a really close finish. Sydney won.

Check out this guy getting it in the nuts:

As part of the moving process, I expect to have my name slaughtered. This is by far the best variant to date. Witness - the perfectly Amazing backwards spelling!

Pics of the new place to come once we get an ounce of unoccupied daylight. Moving sucks.

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