Saturday, October 24, 2009

MotoGP (loud race)

Ok, first of all - big sports events aren't that fun for me. Especially ones that last 3 days. Especially ones where I'm camping with a bunch of bogans who are too drunk to realise that there aren't any girls watching.

I had a really good time.

Seriously, it was good. The sound of the 800cc bikes coughing and sputtering to remain on the limits of friction was so cool. Watching them come up and over the hump into the hairpin turn was so cool.

I feel guilty saying it, but I love watching other people crash. I'd probably love watching myself crash too if I could. I have a few epic crashes in my mental history.

Crash 1: Too fast around a turn with a hump, chose to go off the road on the XT350. Stayed upright! Peb's Corner.
Crash2: Bicycle going too fast on the sidewalk downhill into a fender that pulled out, flew 16' onto my TI92. Tacoed front tire, but ok. Lafayette.
Crash3: Tried to hop onto curb laterally and missed with back wheel. Eye stitches. Credit broken. Forgotten math exam? Retaken! Fail-win. Lafayette.
Crash4: Roundabout. Ligament ruptured and surgery. Ok now. North Sydney.

..................................................Rossi is too fast to actually take a picture of.

Actually he looked slower than the others , probably because he had more confidence and control.

This is my first campsite. It sucked, so I moved. This is sunrise, which means I didn't sleep well.

What is up with using brand new up-market tyres for a safety barrier???

I walked away from the race, to get some peace one afternoon. I totally found it!

Walking the track after the race was over.

The next race is tomorrow (Sun), so I'll be watching it at the Doncaster.

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