Sunday, September 20, 2009


Another dive at La Perouse today. They closed the main arterial across the entire eastern side of Sydney today so I couldn't get up to Bondi to dive with a club as planned - instead I spent an hour and a half in parked, angry traffic before giving up and heading back south. Last dive I found a nice light and told the nearby dive group about it. We found the owner and its a $350 flashlight! So ... big karma points. Karmic AUD currently at 0.8671.

Last weekend I went to Botany Bay NP again in search of the elusive Weedy Sea Dragon (also known as the Seedy Wee Dragon), to no avail. But other interesting critters were around.

Here's heaps of videos which really give you the feel of diving here in Sydney. More uploading now.

Boosh its about time to do something other than diving.

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