Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tasmania - Boat Harbour Beach

We stayed at a B&B in ... Wynyard.  But for the last two days we hadn't eaten.  We had ramen and some fresh mushrooms and brocolli.  It was terrible.  We ate breakfast well with some old Australians.  She was loud, he was quiet, so me and her yacked and she told us about Boat Harbour Beach, which was great.
Here is that B&B...  proprietor was not so young-people friendly.  Like, did not offer us food when we told her we were starving after not having eaten all day, and with everything closed.  Also, she pretended like maybe we wouldn't be needing breakfast in the morning, which is totally WTF given that ... oh well.  We did get breakfast, and it was ok.

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Boat harbour beach is shown below.  It has an excellent cafe which serves the most excellent chicken tenders sandwich.  I'm not kidding.  Really the best I've ever had.
The rocks... the ocean was so blue!  And warm even.  Karin convinced me not to bring my snorkel and I admit I listened to her.

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These shots are from Wynyard.

This is a huge broken window with blood all around.  It trailed off to a pool under a bench nearby.

Starving.  Eating raw ramen.  Down by the river.  With drumsticks walking all around.  Christmas in Tasmania is a time of no food for foreigners.  Even McDonald's was closed.  We ended up just starving for almost 2 days.  Eventually we found an open gas station and ate chips and salsa.  Then we found a pub having christmas dinner.  We had to go, it was the only option.  Guess what the bill was?  ........ $70 per person.  And it was the shittiest, most British food I have ever eaten.

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  1. Are the colors really that vibrant? How do you get such amazing pictures?