Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunset Diving

The Steps is a shore dive site located on the south head of Botany Bay. It is easy entry/exit and probably offers the best return on investment of any dive in Sydney.

The Weedy Sea Dragon is resident here year round, so it's always exciting to hunt for them in the kelp. Andrew found this little buddy.

Lots of stuff down there, but I forgot to put the mem card in my camera, so I was limited to lower-res shots. It still managed to hold about 35 1600px images which was surprising and a great relief.

The exit was the nicest I've ever seen; a full-blown Lisa Frank over the back of Botany Bay. There was a swarm of peaceful jellies enjoying it too. The waves coming over alternately obscured and magnified the colored light just below the surface.

More to say about the above. See those little green slugs on the blue seaweed? Same as the one I found in Gordon's Bay the dive before this one. Possibly juveniles of Tambja Verconis.

Below, an unidentified weedfish that seems to be sporting a tube worm resident on his cheek! I thought it was a juvenile red indian fish, which is much much larger and one of our target fish.

Hopefully not the sunset of my diving period. Still much to see. We are seeking the anglerfish and frogfish which hide in wait of prey here. Apparently very rare because in all my macro combing in the last 50 dives in Sydney I still haven't found one.

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