Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mid October Spring

We went to the Powerhouse museum recently... Too many screaming kids. But some cool exhibits, including an 80's exhibit which makes me feel old but also "special."

Here's a solar car that someone threw some trash on. I saw this race in a National Geographic when I was a kid.

Idea for compressing/storing nuclear waste. Look closely for the microcracks which formed through the 2cm thick bottom cap.
And this is Yahoo Serious' guitar (from Young Einstien).

This is our new place.

I broke Karin's surfboard within 10 minutes of messing around so now I'm fixing it.

We bought tickets to Malaysian Borneo last night so ... time to work out and stuff.
Oh, and I got an unjust parking ticket.
A list of things I am up to and must make time for:
  • SpringThing3D - OpenGL version of SpringThing
  • Fix Lady Krustium's surfboard more
  • Go diving
  • Be sociable
Things which have fallen by the wayside:
  • ROMS visibility simulation
  • SpringThingME - (Java Mobile Edition SpringThing stopped at v0.1.2)
Work has been good. There has been a military build-up at my desk. All those really fly! We have an empty room next door to fly in for now.

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